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Information for build pykickstart-3.32-3.el9

Package Namepykickstart
SummaryPython utilities for manipulating kickstart files.
DescriptionPython utilities for manipulating kickstart files.
Built bymboddu
State complete
StartedFri, 16 Apr 2021 06:34:28 UTC
CompletedFri, 16 Apr 2021 06:36:01 UTC
Taskbuild (c9s-candidate, /redhat/centos-stream/rpms/pykickstart:85a030e7219da5bdb636a6cb908908cd6d0ed5b1)
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python3-kickstart-3.32-3.el9.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Fri Apr 16 2021 Mohan Boddu <> - 3.32-3 - Rebuilt for RHEL 9 BETA on Apr 15th 2021. Related: rhbz#1947937 * Wed Jan 27 2021 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 3.32-2 - Rebuilt for * Mon Jan 18 2021 Brian C. Lane <> - 3.32-1 - Conditionally BuildRequire coverage and sphinx for runtests (bcl) Resolves: rhbz#1916735 - Change the lilo command removal to use RemovedCommand (vslavik) - Change the lilocheck command removal to use RemovedCommand (vslavik) - Fix test for the removed "interactive" command (vslavik) - Change the langsupport command removal to use RemovedCommand (vslavik) - Change the monitor command removal to use RemovedCommand (vslavik) - Change the mouse command removal to use RemovedCommand (vslavik) - Change the upgrade command removal to use RemovedCommand (vslavik) - Fix ksverdiff detection of removed commands (vslavik) - Check warnings of the deprecated kickstart commands (vponcova) - Remove the install command (vslavik) - Remove the deviceprobe command (vslavik) - Remove the device command (vslavik) - Remove the dmraid command (vslavik) - Remove the multipath command (vslavik) - Fix deprecation test for removed commands (vslavik) - Switch interactive removal to use RemovedCommand (bcl) - Add RemovedCommand for removing commands and documenting them (bcl) - Remove support for the updates command without an URL (vponcova) - Document how to deprecate commands and options (bcl) - Remove the ignoredisk --interactive option (vslavik) - Remove the partition --active option (vslavik) - Deprecate the %traceback section (vslavik) - Add missing .coveragerc file (bcl) - Switch to using GitHub Actions instead of Travis CI (bcl) - Add support for running via tox (bcl) - Deprecate the method command (vslavik) - Remove the bootloader option --upgrade (vslavik) * Thu Nov 05 2020 Brian C. Lane <> - 3.31-1 - Add make to BuildRequires, buildroot is removing it. - Deprecate the autostep command (vslavik) - Add missing spaces into the message (yurchor) - ksshell: Fix indentation in _init_matches (bcl) - Mark the level option of the logging command as deprecated (vponcova) * Tue Sep 29 2020 Brian C. Lane <> - 3.30-1 - ksshell: Fix traceback and add tests (bcl) - fs: Make tmp file creation cross-platform in ksvalidator to support Windows * Mon Aug 31 2020 Brian C. Lane <> - 3.29-1 - Fix script installation without filename extension (bcl) * Mon Aug 31 2020 Brian C. Lane <> - 3.28-1 - Makefile: Add with new version to bumpver commit (bcl) - tests: Ignore W0707 raise-missing-from warnings (bcl) - Add Fedora 34 support (bcl) - Add new tests for the harddrive biospart parameter removal (jkonecny) - Remove biospart from harddrive command (jkonecny) - move dependencies into and use setuptools (carlos) - remove reference to py3 as a requirement (carlos) - remove references to nose test framework (carlos) - update dist to 18.04 (carlos) - add ci test for future py ver (carlos) - use new travis-ci syntax (carlos) - parser: Remove OrderedSet (bcl) - tests: Add a slightly different test for Package.add (bcl) - Add pykickstart.__version__ string (bcl) * Tue Jul 28 2020 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 3.27-2 - Rebuilt for * Tue Jul 07 2020 Brian C. Lane <> - 3.27-1 - tests: Fix pylint warnings in timezone tests (bcl) - Mark --ntpservers and --nontp options of timezone command as deprecated (mkolman) - Add the timesource command (mkolman) * Mon Jun 01 2020 Brian C. Lane <> - 3.26-1 - Makefile: Fix gpg signature (bcl) - Add RHEL8_Repo, RHEL8_RepoData, and RHEL8_Url classes (bcl) - pylint: Fix warnings and errors from pylint 2.5.x (bcl) - i18n: Use gettext instead of lgettext (bcl) - Use W9902 in pylint disable to avoid warnings about _ (bcl) - Add python 3.8 to travis.yml (bcl) - docs: Fix documentation markup (bcl) - docs: versionadded directive needs a blank line after it (bcl) - docs: Maintain programmers-guide in the repo (bcl) - Makefile: Add creating the detached signature to the release make target (bcl) * Sat May 23 2020 Miro Hrončok <> - 3.25-2 - Rebuilt for Python 3.9 * Tue Apr 07 2020 Brian C. Lane <> - 3.25-1 - Deprecate `repo --ignoregroups` (jkonecny) - Add Fedora 33 support (jkonecny) * Mon Apr 06 2020 Brian C. Lane <> - 3.24-1 - Make --url doctext more understandable (jkonecny) - Remove url command doc that it's replaced (jkonecny) - Add missing information for driverdisk KS command (jkonecny) - tests: close the HTTP Server in tests/ (bcl) - tests: Replace nose with unittest (bcl) * Thu Jan 30 2020 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 3.23-2 - Rebuilt for * Tue Jan 14 2020 Brian C. Lane <> - 3.23-1 - tests: pin coverage at the 4.x.x series (bcl) - Switch to using Weblate for translations (bcl) - po: Remove pykickstart.pot (bcl) - gpg sign the git tag (bcl) - Cleaning up empty help strings (bcl) - tests: Fix the empty description, help, etc. test (bcl) - tests: Turn off HTTP logging in Include_URL_TestCase (bcl) - tests: Catch warning in Unknown_New_Section_2_TestCase (bcl) - tests: Capture stderr output from ksflatten test (bcl) - Prefer --utc to --isUtc in timezone for F32 and later (vslavik) - Give output in str(F25_Timezone) even without timezone spec (vslavik) - Prefer the non-camelCased options for %packages (vslavik) - Add test for kickstart option names (vslavik) - Add lowercase aliases for camelCased %packages options (vslavik) - Commit the new pykickstart.pot when making a release (bcl) - Add the rhsm command (mkolman) - Fix travis and coverage runs (bcl) - Fix pylint unnecessary-pass warnings (bcl) - Drop python2 compatibility (jkonecny) - Fix check for python zanata client in Makefile (jkonecny) - Update versionremoved sphinx extension (bcl) * Wed Nov 06 2019 Brian C. Lane <> - 3.22-1 - Enable coverage tracking (bcl) - Add tests for ignorebroken packages parameter (jkonecny) - Add ignore broken parameter to packages section (#1642013) (jkonecny) - Add support for the ZIPL Secure Boot for F32 and RHEL8 (vponcova) - Add F32 support (jkonecny) - Add note for the repo and url ssl options (jkonecny) - Skip FailsToOpenOutputFile_TestCase if running as root (juliana.rodrigueiro) - Change .spec Source to new pykickstart organization URL (bcl) * Thu Oct 03 2019 Miro Hrončok <> - 3.21-3 - Rebuilt for Python 3.8.0rc1 (#1748018) * Fri Aug 16 2019 Miro Hrončok <> - 3.21-2 - Rebuilt for Python 3.8 * Wed Aug 14 2019 David Cantrell <> - 3.21-1 - Make module --disable available on Fedora 31+ (mkolman) - Add F31 handler (mkolman) - Add the --disable option for the module command (#1719347) (mkolman) - A couple fixes for %packaging section docs (mkolman) - Fix the docs generation (vponcova) - Fix the documentation of bootloader --append (vponcova) - Just kidding, use xenial for everything. (dcantrel) - Python 3.7 is only available in 'xenial' in Travis-CI (dcantrel) - Reduce .travis.yml to Python 3.{5,6,7}, set SPHINXAPIDOC (dcantrel) - Replace PYTHONPATH override with sys.path.append; allow SPHINXAPIDOC (dcantrel) - Add rhel7-branch to .travis.yml (dcantrel) - Restrict the branches to test with Python 3. (dcantrel) - More changes to .travis.yml, add requirements.txt file (dcantrel) - Update the Travis-CI yaml file. (dcantrel) - Fix documentation for the --excludepkgs and --includepkgs repo options (mkolman) - packit.yml: remove unused content (ttomecek) - Update sed in pykistart.spec Makefile target (phracek) - Add for packit (phracek) - Make %packages --default attribute sane (jkonecny) - Configuration file .packit.yaml (phracek) - For Travis-CI, explicitly use Sphinx 1.7.6 (dcantrel) - Change to unittest.skipUnless and use correct syntax. (dcantrel) - Replace 'import unittest.skipIf as skipIf' with just 'import unittest' (dcantrel) - s/unittest/pytest/g in .travis.yml (dcantrel) - pip install unittest for the Travis-CI runs (dcantrel) - Run 'git checkout' in the Makefile ignoring non-fatal errors (dcantrel) - Skip KS_With_Wrong_Permissions_TestCase if running as root. (dcantrel) - Treat pylint warnings as non-fatal, exit codes 0 and 4. (dcantrel) - Remove unused falsePositives in (dcantrel) - Use env to set NOSE_IGNORE_CONFIG_FILES (dcantrel) - Add NOSE_IGNORE_CONFIG_FILES=y to the .travis.yml file (dcantrel) - Set NOSE_IGNORE_CONFIG_FILES in make coverage (dcantrel) - In the Travis-CI environment, coverage is 'coverage' (dcantrel) - Close output_path after reading in (dcantrel) - Makefile improvements (dcantrel) - Specify Python 3.7 in .travis.yml per the docs. (dcantrel) - Run sphinx-build and sphinx-apidoc from docs/Makefile (dcantrel) - Add some missing help strings as detected by the coverage target. (dcantrel) - Add missing descriptions to a handful of pykickstart commands. (dcantrel) - Mark the sshkey --username option as required in docs (mkolman) - Test on recent Python versions on Travis (mkolman) - Fix snapshot documentation (jkonecny) - Add a CONTRIBUTING file. (dcantrel) * Fri Jul 26 2019 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 3.20-4 - Rebuilt for